I am a singer of songs, a kisser of boo-boos, a prodigious writer of “honey do” lists, a former litigation attorney who now uses my argument skills against my 2 small and unlucky children, a coffee addict, a political news junkie, a split-personality small town girl and city slicker, a frequent scratcher of dog ears and bellies, and a loyal friend. I am also a quadriplegic. And ever since my spinal cord injury in September of 2012, I’ve been on rocky journey through the World of the Able as a total outsider. What I see and experience from this side of the wheelchair is frequently so frustrating, so ridiculous, so unexpected, that it borders upon the absurd. So many of my limitations come not from my body, but from an able-bodied world ill equipped to deal with people like me. Welcome to your inside look at the absurd life of a quadriplegic 30-something.

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